March 20th and 27th of 2021

Intrapreneurial Culture

Acting as an entrepreneur within your organization


The act of behaving like an entrepreneur within a company is what defines an Intrapreneur. This professional analyzes scenarios, uses creativity, selects the best ideas, innovates, always thinking about how to make your organization generate value for customers, employees and other stakeholders.
An intrapreneur thinks of the organization in which he works, as if it were his own business and shows resilience when adverse situations happen. With all these valuable characteristics, he becomes a powerful Change Agent, influencing other professionals with positive attitudes to face major changes when necessary. Its value and impact generated for the business are priceless.

Intrapreneurial Skills of a Change Agent

Understands Change Dynamics
Appreciates Diversity
Has high credibility
Understands Power and Influence
Manages Multiple Tasks


Organizations today are faced with an increasingly uncertain and challenging future, making it difficult to predict and adapt to changes. The business scenario is complex and constantly changing, new players continuously enter the market with new technologies and innovative business models, without counting external variables such as geopolitics and health and safety issues that we often have no control over. Because of this, many companies have missed growth opportunities, as they are unable to match the speed of execution of their competitors, in addition to not being able to adapt to the new reality of innovations and disruptions.
On the other hand, if you want to stay alive and relevant, you need to prioritize these issues before it’s too late. The best way to do this is by leveraging the collective creative intelligence of your employees, stimulating entrepreneurial thinking and action, ensuring that they reinvent themselves, generating impact and transformations within their companies. More mature organizations have already realized that in order to remain competitive they need more agility and an entrepreneurial approach “in-house”. In addition, they have already become convinced that enhancing entrepreneurial thinking among company employees is a crucial strategy to promote innovation, boost culture and stand out from the competition.


Leaders, executives and professionals of companies in general that face challenges and seeks:
Strengthen your leadership and resilience skills to make a difference in your organizations
Influencing cultural change
Encourage disruptive innovative ideas and models
Develop new products, services and generate new revenue streams
Deal with slow growth or business stagnation
Reduce processes with slow execution

Thought Leaders

Mr. Henrik Totterman, DSc

Hult International Business School - Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship and Management
Harvard University – Teaching Faculty, Entrepreneurship and Management

he keynote speaker of the Intrapreneurial Culture event, Prof. DSc Henrik Totterman, is internationally recognized as an expert and Doctor on the subject of entrepreneurship and management, graduated from the Hanken School of Economics, where he continues to be involved with exploratory learning and executive education.

As president of LEADX3M LLC, Mr. Henrik is a passionate expert on the impact of the entrepreneurial approach, in which he supports global executives in creating transformative value, solving strategy challenges, leadership and talent development, driving high-performing organizations and individuals to promote quality improvement, management and business innovation.

Ayodele Olatoye
Senior Director
Hult International Business
Larissa Campos
Head of Creative Brand Solutions - Latam
The Walt Disney Company
Eduardo Guimarães
Global Head of Platform Operations
Ana Beatriz Carretero
Head of Brand Strategy & Demand Generation
Sean McDonald
Pharma-Giant Solutions
Alini Dal Magro
CEO of Instituto PROA


Promote agility and adaptability to thrive in the face of challenging scenarios
Create an “intrapreneurial ecosystem” to stimulate creativity and innovation
Develop concrete and innovative projects that create opportunities for organizations
Enhance the dynamics of team work, with collaboration and management of internal stakeholders. Adopt a multi-stakeholder approach.
Holistic implementation is vital. Put your USP first! Define your organization's main competencies and innovation goals.
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