G10 das Favelas

G10 das Favelas​

Block of Social Impact Leaders and Entrepreneurs from Slums

The G10 das Favelas is a bloc of Slums Social Impact Leaders and Entrepreneurs who, like the rich countries (Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom) of the G-7, have joined forces in favor of economic development and protagonism of the Communities, aiming at the economic and social development of these urban areas.

The partnership with UGlocal Business Education offers the G10 a channel for approaching and disseminating its incredible projects in line with the relevant topics on the global agenda, presenting solutions for executives and entrepreneurs of countless small, medium, and large companies.

Like the big economic blocs, the G-10 has regular meetings and terms of cooperation so that there is data collection, monitoring of the proposed actions and that the real social impact and growth generated by the Bloc and its partners is measured.

The idea of ​​the G-10 is to inspire our country to look at the Slums, making communities large business hubs, attractive for investments, in order to “transform exclusion into successful Startups and Social Impact Enterprises”.

An important point for the initiative’s organizers is to make it clear that the objective is not to collect donations or sponsorship, but investments that generate as much return to the investor as the economic development of the communities.



100% Brazilian company focused on accessibility for the deaf community, offering translation and interpreting services of Libras for any social events

LibrasAB is a 100% Brazilian company focused on the accessibility of the deaf community, offering Libras translation and interpretation services for any social events. Among its services are: Interpretation of Libras in lives, in-person and online events; Libras courses in the corporate scope and for individuals; Simultaneous translation in plays of theaters or shows; Translation of recorded content; Accompanying interpreter of Libras for corporate or personal occasions; Translation of content used for internal communication; and Libras Workshops. The company that has accessibility in its DNA has the mission to re-educate the world towards the maxim of social inclusion.

The hundreds of lives that emerged during the pandemic made it possible for concerts, classes, theaters and meetings to reach the public. And among this audience is the deaf community, which spent a long time invisible to the availability of some of this content and through musical lives, it gained prominence to emphasize the importance of the Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) for the accessibility of the deaf.

There are about 10 million deaf people in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Federation of Associations of Professional Translators and Interpreters and Sign Language Interpreters (Febralpis), and about 70% of them have difficulty understanding written Portuguese and therefore subtitles on time are not enough. “It is a portion of the population that is often unable to access educational content, mainly for professional development, in addition to consumer and leisure content because of the low adherence to the inclusion of Libras”, comments Luan Mota, a Libras interpreter for 16 years.

UGlocal’s partnership with LibrasAB goes beyond the relationship with a supplier. We believe in the purpose of accessibility as a way of inclusion and democratization of access to professional development content for all. We admire the work of LibrasAB and support the partnership at our events, thus seeking to create a channel for the dissemination and exposure of this incredible company to companies that thus seek to reframe the way of making and distributing content.

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