December 05th and 12th of 2020


Inspire a growth-oriented culture where learning and creativity are valued


According to Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University, the expression growth Mindset refers to the ability to have a set mentality (or worldview) capable of absorbing difficulties and then transforming them into opportunities for developing new skills through training, setting strategies and also seeking help.
In other words, an individual with a growth mindset believes that gifts can be developed and are not exclusive to those innate, which allows him to find creative solutions, expand his repertoire, be ready to take advantage of opportunities and develop efficient networks and collaborative processes.
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Nowadays, the world is no longer as stable or predictable as it used to be. 2020, in particular, shows the importance of reviewing individuals and companies current resilience capacity and the urgency to deal with very short-term issues to make immediate decisions.
To stay competitive and survive, leaders and organizations need to develop new skills and new ways of thinking in order to impact people and generate results.
The nature of leadership is evolving. We are moving from authority to trust, from hierarchy to networking, from decision making to inspiration and the power of being self-aware.
Learning how to manage different behaviors is critical to developing an appropriate leadership. Therefore, there is only one way to lead in a world where you never know what will happen: to value learning, to have a positive and collaborative attitude. These are characteristics of a growth mindset, probably the most important today.
Leaders are there to inspire, not to make all decisions. They have to create the vision and provide the conditions necessary for their team to act and be ready for everything.


Leaders, executives and professionals looking for:
New ways of thinking and impacting people upon challenging and complex scenarios
Strengthen your leadership and resilience skills to make a difference in your organization
Looking to stand out with a fresh, updated leadership showcasing the development of new skills for growing responsibilities within organization
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Thought Leaders

Ali Fenwick

Prof. Ali Fenwick Ph.D - Hult International Business School

Dr. Ali Fenwick is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Innovation at Hult International Business School between Dubai, Shanghai, London and San Francisco. His research is dedicated to the behavioral foundations of organizations and managements, and explores how psychological interventions can be applied internally to the (digital) workspace to increase the well-being and organizational performance of employees.

Dr. Fenwick is also the founder and CEO of LEAD TCM&L™️, a global behavioral science company that develops psychological interventions for business, education, government and non-governmental organizations. Dr. Fenwick contributes to Harvard Business Review, TEDx speaker, lecturer, author and strategic consultant on the Future of Work.

John Swartz
John Swartz - humanGage
Founder, Entrepreneur
Gilson Rodrigues
Gilson Rodrigues - G10 das Favelas
Community leader, “Mayor of Paraisópolis”
Lívia Franchin Caceres
Lívia Franchin Caceres - Gympass
Global Head of Product, Operations, and Design - Gympass Wellness
UGlocal Testimonials Fernando
Fernando Ramos - Hotels.com
Global Head of Merchandising
James Morrison
James Morrison - MIT Sloan School of Management
Executive Career Development Programming
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz - Cielo
Business Development Director


How to develop one of the most important leadership qualities of today - the growth mindset
How to build a growth mindset in teams and train them to reach their potential
Creating a collaborative processes that accelerate problem solving and enhance results
Adopting a tangible growth-oriented strategies and planning
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