UGlocal’s proposal came about based on the necessary efforts that an individual from emerging countries has to face in order to access relevant international content that has an impact on their professional development.

Through the challenges encountered by its founders during their 40 years of combined professional and academic experiences abroad, UGlocal noted that there are major challenges faced by all stakeholders (executives, companies, and international education institutions) involved in this process of seeking education and international capacity building, including, but not limited to:

Executives / Participants:

  • Currency fluctuation and disparity
  • Income reduction during the period living abroad
  • Language barriers
  • Growing personal and professional responsibilities in the country of origin
  • Disconnection with the local professional environment while living abroad
  • Employers resistance
  • Prior family commitments
  • Lack of time and finances
  • Discomfort and uncertainty caused by possible change of country
  • Connections and relationships in your home country
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International Education Institutions:

  • Global downward trend for students attending courses abroad
  • High cost of acquisition / admission of new students
  • Numerous competitors / local and international program options
  • Diversity of online options
  • Lack of cultural knowledge and professional network in emerging markets
  • Traditional investments without ROI
  • High perceived student cost
  • Segmented target audience


  • Retaining talent
  • Large investment loss with the departure of employees who decide to study abroad
  • Turnover
  • High cost related to employee turnover
  • Loss of Productivity
  • Time needed for admission, training and learning curve of new employees
  • Big chance the employee that left to study abroad will come back to a different corporation due to better
    opportunities offered to those who acquire international specialization.

UGlocal has a strong purpose of democratizing access to the best of international education in emerging markets.

Emerging markets have untapped potential, growth and valuable human resources that want continued professional growth. The strategic positioning of UGlocal Business Education is to unlock the potential of professionals in various sectors, providing insightful learning through digital and in-person programs led by educators and business
executives from around the world and delivering international knowledge to their clients in their respective countries. UGlocal excels in curating programs that will engage, inspire, educate and provide insights that can benefit professionals to enhance their careers.

UGlocal’s initiatives bring executives, educational institutions and companies together to generate high impact and results.

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